The Problems With LinkedIn

Where to even start with LinkedIn… I never liked the concept of having a social media platform “just” for business; it adds extra weird rules that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter didn’t have but also generated the same problems. In the end, you still wonder if you should add someone or not, if and when it… Continue reading The Problems With LinkedIn

I am Not a Unicorn

Since job hunting isn’t difficult enough, companies like to set their expectations extremely high. I am assuming it’s really just to discourage people from applying, but is that the best approach to finding the right candidate? I am thinking only the very cocky, lying, self-talkers will apply and not too long down the road the… Continue reading I am Not a Unicorn

The Recruiters From Hell

I never imagined that HR personnel and recruiters, also known at the entry point or face of a company, could treat prospective employees like less than humans. Through my job search, I encountered many recruiters and HR employees and there are clearly multiple problems with recruitment practices in Canada. Through this journey, I applied to 72 jobs and had more than 30 interviews. I’ve seen it ALL! Being ignored for weeks after an interviewNot being told the position was… Continue reading The Recruiters From Hell