Finding Financial Help

Finding financial help is one of the hardest parts of being unemployed. So many factors are at play, and sources are scarce. Since I took the decision to end my employment, I was denied employment insurance. I was told by the not so nice agent that I had no reason to leave my job and since I did not have proof of the harassment and bullying I suffered, I most likely invented it.

Harassment? Here? Of course not… we only fire employees everyday.

The Beginning

During the first three months, I didn’t think much of my financial situation, every decision was made on the premise that I would find employment soon, however, three months became six and so on. I was also lucky enough to have the help of my parents when I needed.

After six months, it was clear that I was not going to find a job quickly, so I swallowed my pride and applied for welfare. If only it was an easy process and they didn’t make me feel like a criminal out to screw the government and all Canadian citizens. I never thought that at this point in my life, I would need the help of welfare. I am an educated professional with four years of experience in my field, plus over 10 years of related working experience.

Depressed man looking out a window

Welfare and Retail

In the end, welfare placed me in a program to help people in my situation to find employment through specialized “job research” classes and it paid for my rent.

Many people said I was stubborn and should have just found a part-time retail job right away, however, I knew the moment I started working part time, I would no longer have time to search for a job in my field, and that is exactly what happened. Working in retail is exhausted mentally and physically.

Financial stress is one of the worst you can encounter in your life. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, however, it permits you to create the life you want, to have dreams, to plan for the future and to live with basic dignity.

Get the help you can and are entitled too. Going through a rough time does not define you or it will not define the rest of your life.

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