About me

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Louis-Philippe Joly is a marketing professional lost in the jungle of job applications and despair. He is an Instagram enthusiast with a professional background in non-profit organizations and the adult industry. One might say he is a true chameleon.

At 34 years old, Louis-Philippe already changed careers three times; from fashion design, to visual presentation and finally marketing, possibly but probably not, his true calling.

Louis-Philippe grew up in rural Ontario, Canada and has been living in Montréal for over 15 years. He is a true textile art enthusiast: an expert crocheter, a great embroiderer and a knitting novice.

If he could plan to travel, he would like to visit Japan and every part of the UK, but unfortunately, he can’t travel because has been job searching, for over a year. Between the despair and depression, he is able to write about the most ridiculous experiences he faced while looking for employment.